RustScale Models

An Extensive Range of Sizes & Flow Rates

RustScale Ionizer technology is available in numerous sizes to cover a wide range of flow rates. Our models are equiped with both European (E) and North American (U) connections to address virtually any piping or equipment configuration. The durable construction of RustScale Ionizer units allows them to provide years of reliable service inhibiting corrosion and scale without power, magnets, chemicals or maintenance.

RustScale Ionizer units are available with threaded connections (T), flanged connections (F) and compression fittings (CF). They have been rigorously tested and certified to the high standards.

Product Specifications (design criteria)

RustScale Ionizer can be installed for the following pipe lines:
Ductile cast iron, epoxy lined, stainless steel, copper, steel, PVC, PE, HI-3P, etc

RustScale Ionizer can be installed in any water supply lines including but not limited to: 
Water supply lines, boilers, cooling towers, heating systems, aquariums, water treatment plants, hot water lines, steam lines, air conditioning lines, fire sprinkler supply lines, mold lines, etc

Installation guide:

  1. When installing RustScale Ionizer, the ground (earth) cable should be connected to the front and back of the RustScale Ionizer with the enclosed copper wire.
  2. When installing RustScale Ionizer, avoid excessive heat or hard jolts and do not apply twisting pressure
  3. Technicians from our company are available to help you determine the best location for installing the product and any necessary inspection holes.
  4. Before you install the inspection holes, you need to check the effective range and water flow direction according to the construction blueprints.