RustScale Ionizer Benefits

A Better Solution for Scale & Corrosion

Based on the unique advantages of our innovative technology, RustScale Ionizer has been the choice of major businesses and governments around the world for corrosion and scale removal in pipework and equipment.

Proven worldwide for over 20 years

  • Significant installation base of 500,000+ units across 30 countries
  • Zero operating costs – requires no chemicals, magnets or electricity
  • No environmental damage
  • Decreases resistance in piping – reducing energy required for pumping
  • Maximizes the efficiency of heating elements
  • Minimizes downtime and maintenance
  • Extends operational life of metal piping and equipment
  • Safe drinkable water
  • Substantial effective distance
  • Low internal flow resistance
  • Installation flexibility – compact design simplifies retrofits
  • Minimal maintenance – no mechanical moving parts to be replaced
  • German top 100 inventions
  • Recommendation of German Ministry of Construction
  • Appointed as an excellent public procurement product
  • Durability up to 25 years

Water Quality Improvement

  • Removal of heavy metals and chemical additives
  • Solve the water quality problem from rust, scale & slime
  • Improvement of quality for drinking water

Piping Life Extension

  • Extend the life of all water supply pipework
  • 100 years of use without corrosion(New piping)
  • Prevent pollution from waste of pipe replacement

Economic Benefits

  • Budget saving (Pipe replacement/Leakage)
  • No maintenance cost and services a wide area
  • Minimizes downtime and maintenance

National Health Improvement

  • Improving health through removal of harmful matters
  • Maintain pH suitable for human body
  • Supply of essential minerals and solve skin troubles